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Mission: Moon Card ( beta )  click image to demo on Kongregate


Picked up Unity3D and taught myself enough C# to start making some small games.




In the mix:





Twine test






Working on a simple Mancala Game on the side


Mancala Games



my mancala options
















dwarven Hockey image



Click for Game Page







Little Hockey game I am playing with,...





Kongregate Image



Figured I'd toss this up on Kongregate's Game Portal. 

Here is the Splash image I made for it.






A M: MC  sample image,..

Mission: Moon Card samples




Sample NPC cards,...



Images in progess of the game's Instructor.



Home Base




Random DICE for another game.


Making Games,.


Silly Vid of some starting processes for Mission:Moon Card.


more info

Gaming past,..



Opening Cinematic for "Age of Mythology"

I was responsible for all Arkantos animation( no moCap) inside the temple.



Haha,..one of the first games I got a job in. Drawing and animating characters to be scanned in.




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email: welby@wenlissgames.com